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Build Your Passive Income Streams

Build Your Passive Income Streams

Many people dream of quitting their jobs and living off of passive income while other people may just want to earn some extra money. There are many different ways to earn this type of income.

A passive income stream is one where, once you’ve done the initial investment, there’s little or no upkeep to that investment required to maintain the income stream. And good thing is more than 90 % rich people are doing this to grab 90 % wealth available in this sector while 90 % poors are dying to get remaining 10 % wealth by active income steamers. Writing a book is a passive income stream, for example – once that book is complete and on its way to the publisher, you just sit back and wait for the proceeds.

But let me share two things which I have done successfully

1.    Internet Income

With a mere 300 Indian Rupees which included a domain name and hosting too, in 2008, I started Real Info, which now a huge sources of passive incomes for me. There are so many ways to monetize your website or blog online. I generate profits from public ads such as Google Adsense, and affiliate commissions of Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal, and a few others too.

Being able to generate passive income largely depends on your audience, and if they detect that you care more about making money than serving them, you won’t succeed.

Follow your passion when creating a passive income so you will enjoy the work required to get everything setup.  For Detail you may see

2.   Multi Level Marketing

MLM is a very popular way to generate recurring cash flow.  There are many companies that offer great MLM opportunities. The only real way to generate a passive income is to find something to promote or sell that has an ongoing demand.  For Detail you may see

In these passive income streams may initial investment is less but Investing Time is needed.

You will need to invest some time into tending the business. Most time investment usually pairs with an investment of ideas and energy as well. Generally, you’re turning spare time into some sort of item that will provide a steady stream of income over time.
Everything passive first takes active energy. The time to put in the effort is when we are young and not ravaged by disease or burdened by family obligations.

It also does not mean that you never have any work to do.  Any income source requires some work to be done, even if only on an occasional basis.   You do need to check your business periodically and possibly make adjustments  to ensure optimum return from your Passive Income Streams.

Jack Elixir

Real Info

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