How to use MyEtherWallet to create a wallet?

Despite some security concerns, I would prefer to suggest MyEtherWallet as a safe-enough and convenient choice to most of the starting users.
Let’s start by using Google Chrome as the most compatible browser for this website.
  1. Go to and put your strong password. Then click “Create New Wallet”. It will randomly give you the “private key”

2. You will get the“keystore”. Download the keystore to keep it safe. You can copy it to your flash drive or other ways to ensure you won’t lose the keystore file. Be careful not to put it online unless you understand what you are doing.

3. Click “Print Paper Wallet” to print your private key to a paper. Or you can click print then save it as a PDF if you don’t have a printer.
DON’T copy your private key to the clipboard as it can go to the internet or be hijacked. Don’t take a picture or do anything that can get it to the internet. Just print or write it on a paper and proceed by clicking “Save Your Address”. If you made a mistake, you can refresh a website and restart from step 1.
Basically, your password + keystore = private key. So you may skip printing or noting the private key and only use password with keystore which is more secure but less number of backups.

4. Try using keystore and password to access your wallet by following the number 1- 4 in the picture below

5. If you successfully input the info, there will be a successful message and you can scroll down to see your “address” which can be shared with other to receive the coins.
So if you want to withdraw the coins, just copy the address like this to put on your exchange withdrawal or give to others to receive coins

6. Whenever you want to send the coins, you can come back to the website and click “Send Ether & Tokens”.
Or click “View Wallet Info” if you just want to check the balance. And you can just use your address to check without entering any password.












  • You can view the balance and transaction of your address or anyone’s address by going to and search for the address. For example of this random address. Every transaction is public.
  • You can also view Ethereum tokens from ICO or other wallets both in MyEtherWallet or etherscan.
  • MyEtherWallet is a very easy place to do a phishing to steal your credentials. DO NOT enter the website from any links you get. Go directly to the site by typing, Google or your bookmark. And always double-check if the URL is correct
Example of fake website to lure you to enter the credential then steal it

One last thing…

The Ethereum and other Cryptocurrencies may seem to be scary at first. But as we understand more for how it works, they are fascinating technologies that will change the ways we used to do and think about our assets and trust.
This article may not cover all the details or can be inaccurate. Feel free to discuss or request topics you might want to read more.

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