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Bitcoin News July 13, 2018

                           Bitcoin News July 13, 2018

Canadian Crypto Exchange Coinsquare to Launch in Japan

Bitcoin Ownership Rising Throughout Canada

Korean Government-Backed Researchers File for Blockchain Patent

South Korea the Current Bull in Cryptocurrencies, with Over 2 Billion Dollars in Cryptocurrencies

South China Police Arrest Over 540 People Involved in Bitcoin Online Football Gambling

Police Seize $1.5 Million in Crypto During FIFA Gambling Crackdown

Robinhood Crypto Adds Two New Altcoins, Plans to Expand on Offerings

Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash Are Latest Crypto Additions to Robinhood Investing App

Lawmakers to Discuss If Crypto Is 'The Future of Money' Next Week

Electroneum Announces Instant Payment BETA Vendor Application

Purple Group Expands Its Cryptocurrency Offerings in South Africa

‘I Wish I’d Invested In Cryptocurrency,’ Say 38 Percent Of South Africans

Why Litecoin's Creator Is Buying Into A Bank (And How It Could Go Wrong)

New Power Rates Approved for Crypto Miners in Upstate New York

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