Bitcoin News July 20, 2018

                                Bitcoin News July 20, 2018

Tron (TRX) Price Watch: More Bulls Ready to Join This Retest?

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: Is That a Bullish Continuation Signal?

Money in Government and Religion. When dealing with your personal finances, how often do you involve religion in your calculations? 

Congressman Calls for Cryptocurrency Investigation, Another Wants to Ban It

You Can't Ban Math: Crypto Unites to Call Out Clueless Congressman

Singapore: Gov’t Owned CrimsonLogic Launches Global Cross-Border Blockchain Platform

Switzerland to Ease Regulation for Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

The cryptocurrency exchange giant Binance has announced a new loyalty program for its users. 

Ethereum ‘Catalyzed’ Crypto Bull Market, Says Circle CEO Allaire

Ethereum's Most Heated Tech Debate Is Proving It's Far From Over

Own a Bitcoin before Before Buying Altcoins - Charlie Lee

#Bitcoin option at the atm in Seoul, Korea. 

Ex-Trump Advisor Steve Bannon Is Making a Cryptocurrency

A Japanese Telecom Giant Wants to Use Blockchain to Store Contracts


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