Bitcoin News July 28, 2018

                       Bitcoin News July 28, 2018


Crypto Firms Hold a Closed-Door Meeting with Nasdaq to Discuss Future Regulation

Crypto ETF Rejection Sends Bitcoin Price Below $8,000

Ethereum Is Testing Code for Its Next Hard Fork Ethereum developers are already implementing code for Constantinople, the network’s next system-wide upgrade.

Bitcoin Cash Fund to Help Promote Future r/MillionaireMakers Drawings

Muddied and Fairly Opaque Crypto Industry Needs Oversight, Says US Lawmaker

US: Lawmaker Calls for More Action from Congress on Regulating Crypto

Indian Government-Appointed Commission Recognizes Crypto as Means of Payment

The Iranian Government Is Preparing to Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency

First Blockchain-Powered Edutainment Platform Raises $5.5 Millions in Pre-ICO Offering 25% Bonus This Week on ICO

Bitcoin Could Reach $50,000 in 2018 and $500,000 by 2024 — Here’s How

We see bitcoin going up over the long-term: Reddit's Alexis Ohanian

Why Major Investment Firm Founder Believes Bitcoin is Heading for $50,000

ICO Platform Promises Full Refund Following $7 Million Hack

"We still believe that approval of our Bitcoin ETF product is a near certainty"

There's a Bigger Scam Than Anything in Crypto, It's Called KYC/AML

Left, Right and Center: Crypto Isn't Just for Libertarians Anymore


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