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Bitcoin News July 31, 2018

                          Bitcoin News July 31, 2018

Bitcoin is unavoidable and irrevocable.

Bitcoin's Price Needs Move Above $8,350 to Regain Bull Bias

Washington Utility Stops Accepting Applications for Crypto Mining

Le Minh Tam, the CEO of cryptocurrency mining company Sky Mining, has fled Vietnam with $35 million in stolen assets

Crypto Mining CEO Said to Disappear With $35 Million In Funds

AlphaPoint Helps Launch XRP-Based Cryptocurrency Exchange

IBM and FX Giant CLS Team Up to Launch Blockchain App Store for Banks

Korean Government Seeks to Strip Tax Perks From Crypto Exchanges

Australian Government Awards Grant to #blockchain Project for Sustainable Sugar

Blockstack's First Business App Wants to Help Employees Earn More Crypto

Bitcoin's Second-Ever Developer Is Back (With a Big Vision for Crypto)

A Blueprint for Reforming the Crypto Token Market

In 10 to 20 years from now if you say you owned #bitcoin in 2018 most people won’t believe you. BTC will soon be going seriously mainstream.

Kim Kardashian mentioned #Bitcoin on Instagram. She has 114 million followers.

SEC Commissioner’s Twitter Enjoys Increased Popularity Following Bitcoin ETF Defense


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