Bitcoin News August 7, 2018

                          Bitcoin News August 7, 2018

‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ Author Says Bitcoin Will Replace ‘Fake Money’

It’s no secret that bitcoins are becoming more prevalent in everyday society, with the cryptocurrency rising in popularity over the last five years. 

At Least One Member of Congress Owns as Much as $80,000 in Cryptocurrency'

Another Major Swiss Bank Begins Accepting Cryptocurrency Assets

Bitcoin May Be A Legal Form Of Payment,’ Says Brazil Presidential Candidate

Robinhood, the zero-commission cryptocurrency trading platform, has announced the addition of Ethereum Classic (ETC) to its catalog. 

Crypto Trading App Robinhood Adds Support for Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic Tops $2 Billion to Set New 2018 Price High There’s a new top 10 cryptocurrency. 

Ethereum Classic Price Key Highlights Ethereum Classic price got a big boost after Coinbase and Robinhood added the asset to their trading offerings. 

For Wall Street, Bitcoin ETF Decision Could Answer '$1 Billion' Question

To hear Blythe Masters tell it, the time has come for Digital Asset (DA) to spread its wings and fly.

Bank of Thailand Green-Lights Financial Companies for Crypto Activities

Japanese Crypto Exchanges File to Form Self-Regulatory Organization


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