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                     BITCOIN NEWS JULY 3, 2018

Australian State Grants Crypto Startup $100k to Boost Tourism 

In an Apparent First, Highes to Accept Crypto in Its Initial Public Offering

Indians Use Creative Means to Trade Bitcoin Amid RBI Ban

UBS: Bitcoin Must Hit $213,000 to Replace US Money Supply

Current BTC Dominance: 48.74% 

Robinhood Opens Cyptocurrency Trading to Georgia Residents

Data Shows US Dollar, Not Japanese Yen, Is Dominating Bitcoin Trade

A New Bitcoin Mining Calculator Aims to Tell 'Truth' on Profitability

Bitcoin Bulls Defend $7,450 But Need Progress Soon

Bitcoin Cash Price Key Highlights Bitcoin Cash celebrated its anniversary but bulls seemed to be nowhere in sight.

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights Bitcoin price is still in pullback mode as it broke below the first Fib and may be setting its sights on the next ones.

Bitcoin Not the Culprit for Russian Hacking Indictments

Square has announced earnings of $37 million for the second quarter of 2018 on its peer-to-peer mobile money app, Square Cash. 

World’s First Bitcoin Mining TV Launched by Canaan

Bitcoin Mining TV Announced by Canaan

Canaan Creative Launch World’s First TV with Bitcoin Mining Capabilities

Decline of Bitcoin Payments Not Unexpected


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