BITCOIN NEWS AUGUST 4, 2018

 Bitcoin Is Now The World's 5th Largest Economy. No central backing required.

Bitcoin will eventually replace the U.S. dollar and all other fiat currencies.

High Times Becomes the First IPO to Accept Cryptocurrencies

NYSE Parent ICE's New Futures Contract Will Deliver Real Bitcoin

For Bitcoin to replace the U.S. currency, it has to reach a value of about $213,000 USD.

Bitcoin has often been touted as the cryptocurrency to replace the U.S. dollar, but according to UBS it needs to reach $213,000 first.

Breaking: World’s Biggest Stock Exchange Operator is Launching a Bitcoin Market

Data Shows US Dollar, Not Japanese Yen, Is Dominating Bitcoin Trade

Bitcoin Eyes Short-Term Bear Market After Two-Week Lows

Ethereum Is Getting Its First Top-Level Domain Name

‘We Don’t Want to Compete with Coinbase’ – Says Binance CEO

Report: Bitcoin Mining is Threatening the Paris Climate Change Agreement

Coinbase Commerce Announces Addition of New Features, Faces Increasing Competition


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