Bitcoin News September 10, 2018

 Bitcoin News September 10, 2018


Energy Giant Engie Backs 'Blockchain Studio' With $2.3 Million Funding

This Tech Lets You Send Any Cryptocurrency to the Lightning Network

Crypto Trading 101: The Moving Average Crossover

The Big Legal Issue Blockchain Developers Rarely Discuss

EU Lawmaker Wants Standard Regulations to Allow 'Passport' for ICOs

SEC Suspends Exchange-Traded Bitcoin and Ether Investment Vehicles

BitTorrent Courted EOS, Filecoin Cryptocurrency Creators Prior to Tron Sale

Bitcoin just went from $6,190 to $6,450 in seconds

Palazzo in Malta Valued at $3m Can Only be Paid for With Bitcoin

Cash – Not Cryptocurrency – Still King for Terrorists, Expert Says

At press time, the father of crypto is trading for just over $6,300. This is about $200 higher than where it stood 24 hours ago.

The Google Pay for Bitcoin Wallets: Payment Codes and PayNym Bots

Chinese Traders are Still Investing in Bitcoin by Exploiting Crypto Ban

Ex-CEO of Riot Blockchain Embroiled in Unrelated Multimillion-Dollar Fraud Case

Ethereum Price: Battle for $200 is on as Reversal Seems Imminent

Coinbase Wants to Bridge the Gap and Support ‘Millions’ of Tokens in the Future

Bitcoin Day Traders Need to Implement Stop-loss Orders, Expert Warns


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