Bitcoin News September 11, 2018

                     Bitcoin News September 11, 2018

Crypto Trading 101: The Moving Average Crossover

This Tech Lets You Send Any Cryptocurrency to the Lightning Network

Energy Giant Engie Backs 'Blockchain Studio' With $2.3 Million Funding

Nasdaq Said to Be Building Tool to Predict Crypto Price Movements

Bitcoin Retains Bear Bias Despite Recovery From 25-Day Low

Argentina Back in Crisis: Should the Government Buy Bitcoin?

In case you need a refresher: A quick guide to keeping your crypto secure.

Top Trusted Crypto Currency Platform ?? ?? bitcoin litecoin dashcoin Ethereum Ripple

Winklevoss stablecoin gets go-ahead from US regulators

Check out my Q&A with Tyler Winklevoss about @GeminiDotCom stable coin plans

Citigroup is the Latest Bank to Offer Crypto Custody: Here’s How it Will Affect the Market #Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: Tight Battle Between Bulls and Bears

Chinese Government Accepts Blockchain Records as Evidence in Court

ICO Funding Reaches 2018 Low, Levels Not Seen Since April 2017

Number of Australians Holding Cryptocurrency Doubles, New Survey Finds

SEC Halts Trading of XBTProvider’s Bitcoin and Ether ETFs


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