Bitcoin News September 12, 2018

 Bitcoin News September 12, 2018


How to Protect Your Bitcoins in Business and on the Exchange. White Hat Hackers, Cybersecurity Experts Go to Kiev on HackIT

UAE Securities and Commodities Authority to Regulate ICO Tokens as Securities

US Judge Rules ICO Frauds Fall Under Securities Law

Cryptojacking PSA: Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Now Affects Over 280,000 Routers Worldwide

Ripple and R3 Reach Agreement Over Earlier Legal Dispute

R3, Ripple Settle Legal Dispute Over XRP Purchase Option

SEC Hits Crypto Asset Fund and 'ICO Superstore' With Penalties

Bitcoin Price Awaits Next Move as Trading Range Narrows

Ethereum's ASIC Rebellion Heats Up With New Effort to Brick Big Miners

Major Crypto Companies Form DC Lobbying Group

The Bank of Russia Says Its ICO Experiment Was a Success

Stellar Gets Another Boost With TokenSoft ICO Services Expansion

IMF Advises Against Crypto as Legal Tender in Marshall Islands Report

Chinese Ministry Eyes Blockchain to Boost Trust In Charities

Inside Bitewei: The $20 Million Bitcoin Miner Being Hailed as a Bitmain Rival

Earn money via bitcoin mining. Inbox me to get started

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: BCH/USD positioned nicely above $600.


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