Bitcoin News September 13, 2018

                        Bitcoin News September 13, 2018


Indian Government Approves Bank's Blockchain Research

The cryptocurrency field in India has been riddled with uncertainty for quite some time now.

10 Years After Lehman: Bitcoin and Wall Street Are Closer Than Ever

Crypto Billionaire Di Iorio Seeks New Start for Jaxx as All-in-One Wallet

Bitcoin Price Charts Hint at Recovery Rally Above $6.4K

The BTC price now is locked on $10.000!!!

Manufacturing Giant Rostec to Manage Data on Waves Blockchain Platform

Brazilian Soccer Club Seeks $20 Million In Upcoming ICO

Binance Partners With Malta to Launch Security Token Trading Platform

Ether Shorts Hit Another Record High as Price Sinks

Crypto Exchange Seed CX Raises $15 Million in Series B Round

Below $50: Litecoin Price Clocks 12-Month Low

Carbon Becomes Latest Startup to Launch a Dollar-Pegged Stablecoin

Cryptocurrency Betting vs. Traditional Betting   According to the Bitcoin Market Journal, there are nearly 22 million bitcoin wallets set up around the world.

What is Interstellar?
Stellar’s implementation of blockchain has attracted a lot of attention from financial institutions and service providers. Interstellar is a new venture based on this technology.

Blockchain Protocol Bytom has announced the launch of its Global Dev Competition.


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