BITCOIN NEWS SEPTEMBER 25, 2018

Ripple Price Down Almost 20% – What Goes up Must Come Down

IX Announces to Launch, The World’s First Exchange with BTC as Platform Token!

Dubai Launches Blockchain-Powered ‘Payment Reconciliation and Settlement’ System

FOMO Moments Markets are bleeding once again; XRP, Stellar, Cardano and Siacoin getting smashed. 

Coinbase Just Partnered With A Token Startup in Bid to Attract Pro Traders

US: Crypto Industry Reps, Lawmakers, Venture Capitalists to Discuss Regulatory Landscape

South American Crypto Exchange Seeks Help of Colombian President for Reopening

Technology has made huge leaps in innovation and creating ease of life in the past decade.

Financial Expert Pinpoints Signs Confirming Bullish Bitcoin Sentiment

RBI Argues Supreme Court Should Not Interfere With Its Crypto Decision

In Wake of 'Major Failure,' Bitcoin Code Review Comes Under Scrutiny

Regulation News Moves Bitcoin Prices, BIS Report Says

HODL No More? The Amount of Bitcoin in Active Wallets Is Near Record Highs

$6.9K Is the New Price to Watch for Bitcoin Bulls

Walmart Tells Produce Suppliers to Use Blockchain by Next September

The US Should Take a 'Leadership' Role on Blockchain, IBM Report Argues

Australia's Securities Watchdog Has Halted 5 ICOs Since April

'500 Transactions a Second': Vitalik Says Zk-Snarks Could Scale Ethereum

When Blockchains Go Down: Why Crypto Outages Are on the Rise


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