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Bitcoin News September 28, 2018

Bitcoin News September 28, 2018


Ripple Leads Group of Firms to Convince US Gov’t to Implement Friendly Crypto Policies

Colombia Crypto Exchange Asks New President for Banking Help

Bitcoin Cash Price Key Highlights Bitcoin Cash price recently broke above a long-term descending trend line to signal a reversal.

Malta Will See Two New Blockchain-Based Bills Launch on November 1st

US House Passes Bill for Task Force to Combat Crypto Use by Terrorists


Cryptocurrency Market Update: Litecoin Lights up The Top Twenty

RBI Denies Creating Crypto, Blockchain and AI Research Unit

Ethereum Price up 5% – Google Reverses Crypto Ban

Former UBS Bankers Head Funding For Swiss-Based Cryptocurrency Bank

How People Are Still Buying Bitcoin and ICO Tokens in China

The Bitcoin Price Could Go Down to as Little as $100, Fintech Expert Claims


2018 Cryptocurrency Market Decline May Have Severe Tax Implications for US Taxpayers

Crypto Money Market Compound Lets You HODL and Earn

History Repeating? Why Ether's Price Just Might Have Bottomed Out

How I Lost My Faith in Private Blockchains

Sierra Leone to Develop Blockchain-Based ID Platform With UN Partnership

SEC, CFTC Charge Bitcoin Futures Firm 1Broker With Securities Law Violations

Dell Eyes Blockchain Investment to Boost Business Growth

AT&T Launches Blockchain Solutions Targeting Supply Chain and Healthcare

Austrian Government to Notarize $1.3 Billion Bond Auction Using Ethereum

Goldman Sachs Leads $25 Million Funding for Blockchain Startup Veem


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