Bitcoin News September 30, 2018

                         Bitcoin News September 30, 2018


Top 5 Banks Joining Ripple’s Latest Blockchain-based Payments Competitor

The $1 Trillion Wallet: BitGo's Big Plan to Secure the Biggest Bitcoin Fortunes


New Ripple-Led Advocacy Group to Pay DC Lobbyists in XRP


One Musician's Creative Solution to Drive ASICs Off Monero

Ethereum Security Lead Joins Effort to Oust Blockchain's Big Miners


Michael Arrington's Hedge Fund to Cease Investing in US Startups After Subpoena


Bitcoin Fraudsters Misled Investors and Impersonated Regulators, CFTC Alleges

The first ever #crypto bank opening in October in Zurich, Switzerland.#bitcoin


#Bitcoin can send money to friends and family easily. Account not required.


On September 25th, Facebook reported a security issue that affected almost 50 million users.


China’s Bank Of Communications Issued $1.3 Billion Securities With Blockchain Technology


SEC Receives Letter from U.S. Congress Members Requesting Clearer Regulations


At press time, the father of cryptocurrency is trading for just shy of $6,600 ($6,575). This is about $100 less than where it stood yesterday. 


Chinese Court: ETH Is Not a Currency but a General Property


Zebpay, a Leading Indian Cryptocurrency Exchange, Shuts Down


Bitcoin wallets come in different shapes, sizes, and with very unique flavors.


India: Crypto Ban Sees First Casualties as ZebPay Closes Doors


Government agencies are cracking down on companies who are involved in cryptocurrency.


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