Bitcoin News September 8, 2018

                         Bitcoin News September 8, 2018

Are Big Crypto Token Sales Really Over? At Republic Event, Many Think So

Bets Against Ether's Price Hit All-Time High

The Creator of Proof-of-Stake Thinks He Finally Figured It Out

IBM Makes Another Blockchain Identity Play With Health Data App

Energy Giant Engie, Maltem Back New 'Blockchain Studio' With $2.3M

Ripple's General Counsel Exits Startup, Spokesperson Says

EOS Block Producers Move to Cut Costs for Users

Bitcoin Price Will Bounce Back Despite Recent Slump, Trader Says

Bitcoin's bear market fuels allure of derivatives 

exchanges in Hong Kong for traders to hedge bets

Bitcoin is Dragging Other Cryptocurrencies Down as 

Correlation Between Them Increases

Cryptocurrencies Continue to Gain Popularity Across Australia

What is the NEO Name System?
The NEO Name Service is designed to bring NEO’s  blockchain to the masses.

Ethereum continues its highly mixed fortunes this week as talk of development milestones contrasts with Ether 

(ETH) hitting its lowest price in a year China’s Supreme Court Rules That Blockchain Can Legally Authenticate Evidence


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