Bitcoin News October 26, 2018

                          Bitcoin News October 26, 2018

UK Member of Parliament Joins Crypto Exchange as Adviser, Quits Four Days Later

NY gives Coinbase the green light to offer crypto custody services

Major Agriculture Companies Partner to Use Blockchain in Grain Trading

4 Bitcoin-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

Blockchain Launches Hardware Wallet

Blockchain's First Hardware Wallet Will Let You Trade Crypto for Crypto. 

Canadian Border Services Begins Testing IBM Blockchain for Shipping

Welcome to Medicine Hat, Home to Canada’s Biggest Mining Farm

Crypto Investing Has Finally Met Its Tinder Match

Ripple Says XRP Cryptocurrency Sales Doubled in Q3 2018

Investors Received False Information About Bitmain Funding Round

A Decentralized Bitcoin Exchange That's Almost Decentralized

New ‘Trust Machine’ Blockchain Film Tackles Politics of Technology

Tether Treasury Holds Nearly 30% of Total USDT Supply


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