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Bitcoin News October 4, 2018

 Bitcoin News October 4, 2018


 Bitcoin Sees Biggest Trade Volume in Venezuela as Dash Branded ‘Snake Oil’

Shifting Cryptocurrency Rankings May Not Appease Institutional Investors

Whether you’ve made a small fortune or lost it, Bitcoin has certainly been a wild ride.

The Beauty Industry Eyes Cryptocurrency Integration

$8 Billion Coinbase Now Has More Users Than 21 Million Bitcoins

The WSJ Creates Their Own Cryptocurrency to Better Understand the Market

Siacoin Price Surge Continues as new 7% Increase Materializes

Coinbase Pro The Most Secure Exchange, Binance 17th, New Report Reveals

Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust at Its Lowest Point

Binance Invests $2.5 Million in Blockchain-Based Travel Startup

Vote Buying Scandal Stokes Fears of EOS Governance Failure

Ripple Grapples With Its $21 Billion 'Gorilla': Crypto Asset Adoption

With Rambling Clinton Keynote, Ripple Is Sending a Clear Message

Abra Is Launching a Crypto Token Tied to an Investment Fund

British Masters Golf Tournament Signs On Crypto Startup Sponsor

Israel's Securities Watchdog Builds Blockchain Into Its Messaging Tool

Crypto Assets on Winklevoss Gemini Exchange Are Now Insured

Bitcoin's Price Is Testing a Month-Long Trend Line

Retail Brokerage TD Ameritrade Backs New Crypto Exchange

US Lawmakers Push for 'Blockchain' Definition in New Congressional Bill

Bitcoin's Proof-of-Work Can Be Made More Efficient, IBM Research Claims

Coinbase Rolls Out System to Free Up Stuck Bitcoin Payments

Ubisoft Backs New Blockchain Group to Spur Adoption in Gaming


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