Bitcoin News October 6, 2018

Bitcoin News October 6, 2018

Bitcoin 'Breakthrough' Claims Block Size Increase Possible Without Hard Fork

SEC Asks for Additional Comment on Rejected Bitcoin ETFs

Little Known 'Choppiness Index' Could Warn of Bitcoin Price Breakout

A Multi-Million Dollar Bet Ethereum's Proof-of-Stake Isn't Coming Soon

Rapper Soulja Boy Brags About Bitcoin Gains in New Rap Track

US Senators Seek Stronger Sanctions on Venezuela's 'Petro' Cryptocurrency

CFTC Meeting Hears Renewed Calls for Crypto Self-Regulation

Chinese University Proposes Managing Web Domains On a Blockchain

Circle Eyes Crypto Securities Bid With Crowdfunding Site Acquisition

Fake Cheat for Popular Game Fortnite Hides Bitcoin-Targeting Malware

Passware Commercializes Bitcoin Wallet Password Brute Force Cracking

Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency’s Volatility Has Seemingly Dropped

Circle Invest Packages New Crypto Bundles By Platform, Payments, and Privacy

The 6 Hottest Altcoin Exchanges of 2018

UK Land Registry Begins New Phase of Blockchain Research Project

Scammers Use Cryptocurrency ATMs to Target Potentially Vulnerable Victims

BitGo Adds Stellar Lumens and Dash, CEO Says They Offer Unique Features

Malta’s Finance Minister: Crypto Means Finance Middlemen ‘Face The Chop’

Yale University Makes Cryptocurrency Investment Foray

Stolen Facebook Accounts Being Sold on Dark Web for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash

Cryptocurrency Trading Update: Maker Making Moves in Motionless Market

Binance Backs Plan to Create Crypto-Friendly Airports Around The World



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