Bitcoin News November 17, 2018

                       Bitcoin News November 17, 2018


 The Giant Bitcoin Rat Is Back And This Time It’s After Alan Greenspan

Bitcoin Charts Suggest Price Bounce May Be Coming

ECB Official Calls Bitcoin ‘Evil Spawn of the Financial Crisis’

What We Know About Bitcoin Cash’s Two Rival Blockchains

None of the Stablecoins Maintain Their Peg Against the US Dollar

Crypto Arbitrage Today: Easy Profits With QTUM, XMR, BTG, and ETH

Kik Severs all Ties With Ethereum as Scaling Problems Persist

Goldman Sachs-Backed BitGo Now Supports Over 100 Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency Miners in this U.S. County Could Soon be Facing Higher Electricity Bills

TRON Launches Accelerator Program for DApp Developers

A Brief Introduction to Voluntaryism for Crypto Neophytes

Free Keene Activists Launch Bitcoin Embassy New Hampshire

#Bitcoin Wins Ron Paul Investor Poll 

Ron Paul Twitter Survey: 50% of People Prefer Bitcoin as a Long-Term Investment

Islamic Countries Challenge USD ‘Sanctioning Tool’ With Planned Common Cryptocurrency

“We Did This With Gold”: Could VanEck Be Bitcoin’s Best Bet for an ETF?



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