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Bitcoin News December 11, 2018

                         Bitcoin News December 11, 2018


Facebook Is Hiring 5 New Staff Members for Its Blockchain Team

Fund Seeks $200 Million to Help Startups Survive a Crypto Winter

Vertcoin’s Struggle Is Real: Why the Latest Crypto 51% Attack Matters

Stablecoin Issuer Promises Full Audits of Euro-Backed Crypto Token

Steady Rise in Small Businesses Accepting Bitcoin Payments in Kenya 

Gibraltar Exchange Obtains Insurance for Crypto Assets as Cyber Attacks Soar

US Law Professor: Confusing Cryptocurrency Regulations Will Hamper Innovation 

PBOC Deputy Governor Calls STOs ‘Illegal Financial Activity’ 

Markets Update: Cryptocurrency Traders Are Still Searching for the Elusive ‘Bottom’

Bitmain Shuts Down Research and Development Center in Israel

Israel Tax Authority Launches Offensive on Undisclosed Crypto Earnings

GG World Lottery Secures Funds for Expansion from its Public Sale

How to Successfully Complete Digital Marketing in a Restrictive Marketplace

Australia: National Transport Insurance Partners on Blockchain for Food Safety Trial

Indian Government Panel Suggests Crypto Dealings Should Be Illegal, Local Sources Say

In Bear Market, Korea’s Biggest Crypto Project ICON Showed Solid Progress

Stablecoin Issuer Promises Full Audits of Euro-Backed Crypto Token

Augmentors Becomes the First Blockchain Game Featured by Apple

UNICEF Innovation Fund to Invest in Blockchain-Related Projects

Tokeninsight updates cryptocurrency exchange ratings report


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