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Bitcoin News January 30, 2019

                         Bitcoin News January 30, 2019



A Look at Openbazaar’s Multi-Currency Wallet and Vendor Listings 


From Mar-a-Lago to Coinbase, Dubious Claims Follow Token Sales


Fidelity May Formally Launch Its Crypto Custody Service in



Iran Could Ban Bitcoin for Payments, Central Bank Report  Suggests


Iran in Talks With 8 Countries for Use of Cryptocurrency in Financial Transactions


Down Again: Bitcoin Is Closing on Key Long-Term Price Support


AMD Cites ‘Absence’ of GPU Sales to Crypto Miners in Q1 Estimate


Yes, Criminals Use Bitcoin: They Also Use Cars, Cash, Mobile Phones, and the Web…


Chicago Is Rapidly Becoming The Next Big Cryptocurrency Battleground


Italian Court Orders BitGrail Owner to Pay Back As Much As Possible


Meet the Crypto Cult, the Colorful Cast of Cryptocurrency’s Wild West


Cryptocurrency Thefts and Scams Raked in 300% More Profit Last Year than 2017


Two Hacker Groups Responsible for $1 Billion in Stolen Cryptocurrency


Analysis: Will the Cryptocurrency Market’s Long Tail Trend Ever End?


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