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Bitcoin News January 7, 2019

                                Bitcoin News January 7, 2019

 Colorado Introduces Bill With Securities Law Exemptions for



Report: Most Major Crypto Assets Show Close Price Correlation


Markets Update: Crypto Analysts Remain Uncertain After 2019’s First Week of Trading


Venezuela Wants to Use Petro to Finance Large Housing Program


McKinsey: Despite Billions of Dollars, Corporate Blockchains
Have Achieved Little 


With Deplatforming on the Rise, Onchain Social Media App Memo Shows Promise 


Ethereum Developer ConsenSys Partners With AMD To BolsterBlockchain Industry


All Market Cap Sites Incorrectly Display the Circulating Supply of at Least Three Currencies


Crypto Ecosystem Needs to Evolve as Coinbase Censors Accounts

Upward Momentum Pushes Cardano Price Closer to $0.05

Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Breaks $4,000 Resistance Level

Japan and China’s Trust on Bitcoin Mining Is Waning

Bitcoin (BTC) Moves Back Above $4,000 as Major Altcoins Post Double-Digit Gains


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