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Bitcoin News February 5, 2019

                             Bitcoin News February 5, 2019


Ripple CEO: cryptocurrency could save banks $10 trillion

Binance CEO, Zhao: Amazon will have to issue
a currency sooner or later

Bitcoin Cash Clothing Charity Expands to a Dozen Cities
 Across Canada

$200 Million Crypto Trader: 'Big Players' Will Eventually
Enter the Market

Crypto Upstarts Ripple, Coinbase, Circle Included In Forbes’
Fintech 2019

Mt. Gox Restitution Process Frozen Due to
 One Man’s $16B Claim

5 Aspects of City Life Set to be Changed by
 Blockchain-powered Robots

Cryptocurrencies Have Spawned an Eclectic
Underground Art Movement

“The Cutest Crypto Game” Celebrates Chinese New
 Year and Sends Out Digital Gifts

Facebook (FB) Quietly Makes Its First Blockchain

India: Cryptocurrency adoption delayed as high-level panel
concerned it will destabilize Indian Rupee, says insider

Kraken Acquires British Derivatives Platform Crypto Facilitie

The Crypto-Surveillance Capitalism Connection

BitTorrent Token Is Already Nearly 6 Times Its ICO Price

A Court Date for QuadrigaCX: What to Expect at Tomorrow’s


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