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Bitcoin News March 11, 2019

                               Bitcoin News March 11, 2019


 Texas Representative Wants to Ban the Anonymous Use of Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Whale May Have Finished Selling After $230 Million Move

In the Daily: Colorado Digital Token Act, ITI Funds Crypto Index, Fortress Blockchain 

Bitcoin Cash Fans Start ‘Torch Passing’ Ceremony With a Non-Divisible Token

China’s Wenzhou Residents Bolster the Idea of a ‘Blockchain Village

A Guide On How To Select The Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

About 7,500 Ethereum Addresses Contain Over 80% of Total ETH Supply: Report

Founder of Ripple-Backed Startup Pushes for Mass XRP Adoption at 3.3 Million Online Stores

Report: 70% of UK Residents Don’t Know What Crypto Is, What Does This Say About Adoption?

Starbucks Wants to Accept Bitcoin (BTC), But There May Be a Problem

With Highest Crypto Volume Since 2017, Analyst Awaits Bitcoin (BTC) Bounce

Venezuelan Economist: Cryptocurrency Is ‘Good’ Money, Bolivars Are Not

JP Morgan’s Stablecoin: A Feat of Engineering or Marketing?

A Multibillion-Dollar Cryptocurrency Based on ‘Lies’: US Arrests Alleged OneCoin Leader

Bitcoin Fundamentals Still Better Than Ever

Bitcoin Transactions Plunge Amid Blackout in Venezuela

‘Bitcointopia’ Founder Admits Selling Government-Owned Land to Bitcoiners


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