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Bitcoin News March 19, 2019

                              Bitcoin News March 19, 2019


  5 Popular Crypto ATMs That You Can Purchase Today


CNY Inflows Into Crypto Markets Surge After Shanghai Composite Spike


XRP Sentiment Manipulated by Thousands of Bots, Analyst Claims


Spain’s 2gether Unveils Crypto Debit Card, as Polispay Is Forced to Cancel Its Mastercard



While Tether Withdraws Claim of USD Backing, Rival Stablecoins Provide Monthly Attestations


Ethereum Will Expand 1,000x in just 2 Years, Says Joseph Lubin


$1.4 Trillion in Bitcoin (BTC) Transacted Last Year, $15,000 Average TX Size, Fintech Entrepreneur Reveals


Hacker Requests Bitcoin Payment to Reveal Personal Details of 26 Million Users


Australian Government Pledges Measly $100K Towards Blockchain Development


IBM Executive: Two Major US Banks Considers Follow JP Morgan to Issue Digital Currency


1.2 Million Ethereum dApps Have Used A Free Security Tool to Prevent Bugs


CEO Behind EOS Predicts Bitcoin (BTC) Will Replace Gold as the Leading Store of Value


Court Rules That Bank Can’t Close The Account of Cryptocurrency Mining Business


Citi Has Scrapped Its Plan for a JPM Coin-Like Bank-Backed Cryptocurrency


Colorado Lawmakers Introduce Blockchain Agriculture Bill


Governments Exploit Christchurch Tragedy to Enforce Censorship and Thought Policing

A Lightning API for Bitcoin Futures Data Has Launched


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