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Bitcoin News March 8, 2019

                               Bitcoin News March 8, 2019

Fidelity Crypto Chief Says Hard Fork May Delay Firm’s Support for Ethereum

Ethereum Block Count Spikes As Difficulty Bomb Diffuses on Schedule

Binance’s Crypto BNB No Longer Tracks Bitcoin – And That’s a Big Deal

Blockchain Firm SETL Seeks Buyer After Filing for Insolvency

South Korean authorities create Task Force to prevent cryptocurrency crimes

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse talks about JPM Coin’s lack of interoperability

Ripple is a glorified version of PayPal, says prominent old school trader and analyst

‘Arrogant’ Bitcoin Fans are ‘Absolutely Clueless,’ Rants Crypto-Hating Nouriel Roubini

Enjin’s (ENJ) Blockchain SDK Is Coming to the Unity Game Engine

Breaking: Fidelity announces Bitcoin [BTC] custody service live with select group of eligible clients

Dogecoin Price Lacks Oomph to Break the $0.002 Resistance

Denver Rolls Out Mobile Blockchain Voting App

UAE can Become a Leader in the Crypto and Blockchain space in 2019

Russia’s Crypto Users May Need Special ID

LedgerPrime Raises $12 Million for Crypto Quant Trading

MakerDAO Token Holders Approve Fee Increase for Ethereum Stablecoin

Ex-Bitmain Bitcoin Cash Staffers Form Startup to Lend and Trade Crypto


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