Bitcoin News April 13, 2019

                             Bitcoin News April 13, 2019

Wikileaks Bitcoin Donations Soar Following Assange Arrest 

How to Buy Pain Relief Drugs off the Darknet With Bitcoin

Silk Road 2 Founder Finally Sentenced 5 Years After His Arrest 

Regulators Tackle Businesses in Europe’s Crypto-Friendly Nations

The $2 Trillion French Life Insurance Market Can Now Invest in Crypto

Binance Labs Awards Grants To Three Blockchain Start-ups, Each To Get $15,000

Binance Labs Grants $45,000 to 3 Open-Source Blockchain Startups

Familiar Bitcoin Scam Defrauds Dutch Investors of $1.9 Million and Counting

Over 60% of the World’s Top Corporations Are Investing in Blockchain, Study Finds

Crypto Wallet Ledger To Lay Off 10% of Workforce Following Product Issues

Institutional Investors Increased Long BTC Positions by 88%, CFTC Says

CoinAll lists MINDOL(MIN) and offers a 25,000 MIN Giveaway

Coinbase Exec Dan Romero Leaving Crypto Exchange After 5 Years



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