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Bitcoin News April 5, 2019

                             Bitcoin News April 5, 2019

Bitcoin Faces Price Pullback Amid Extremely Overbought Conditions


SEC’s Crypto Token Framework Falls Short of Clear and Actionable Guidance


Technical Indicator Signals That Bitcoin (BTC) is Ready to Surge Nearly 200%


U.S. is Falling Behind in Crypto Exchange Volume: Regulation to Blame?


Grayblock Explains Inherent Limitations of Proof of Work (PoW)


Crypto Markets Tumble, Leading Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) to Both Drop Over 7%


Hong Kong Official: Crypto Traders Must Abide by Taxation Rule and Face Imprisonment in case of Illicit Sales of Mining Machines


Decentralized Networks Aren’t as Censorship-Resistant as You Think


Crypto Tax Software CryptoTrader.Tax Integrates With TurboTax


Nitrogen Network Integrates Stablecoins on Its New Simplified Lending Dapp


Bitcoin (BTC) Pulls Back To $4,800, Crypto Analysts Still Enthused


How to Save Over 15% Shopping on Amazon With Bitcoin Cash


Tribeos Demos Bitcoin Cash-Powered Digital Advertising Marketplace


Try Crypto Trading With Sim Games Like Altcoin Fantasy


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