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Bitcoin News May 11, 2019

                          Bitcoin News May 11, 2019

 Market buy on thin Binance order book costs inexperienced trader $400,000



New York Assemblyman Says Blockchain Industry Needs Better Lobbying, Education



Crypto Influencer & PR Firm CoinScribble Media Rebrands as Coinbound



William Shatner Beams Up Ethereum-Based Proof-of-Authenticity Token



Bitcoin Struggles to Break Above $6,400 as 100-Week Moving Average Holds as Resistance Level



US Senate Mulls Regulatory Implications of Facebook’s Mysterious Crypto Project



Crypto Wallet Secures $50 Million Insurance for Customer Crypto Assets



Tim Draper Believes Bitcoin Will Grab 5% of the Earth’s Market Share



Facebook Crypto Project Raised Concern: Senate Committee Requires Disclosing Details



Bitpanda offers gold and silver trading options along with cryptocurrencies



US Senators Seek Information on Facebook’s ‘Libra’ Crypto Project



All of It Dark, All of It P2P: After the Binance Hack, Bitcoin Doesn’t Cut It



Canaccord Analysts Predict Bitcoin Price Return to $20K In 2021



As Bitcoin Continues Its Climb, Top Crypto Assets Tease Breakouts


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