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Bitcoin News May 19, 2019

                             Bitcoin News May 19, 2019


Crypto Bull-Market: 3 Tips From YouHodler You Don’t Want to Miss!



Analyst: As Long as Bitcoin Holds Above $6,400 The Case for BTC Bulls is Strong



Blockchain as Key to Vienna’s Digital Future — Interview with Ulrike Huemer, CIO of Vienna, Austria



Russia and Venezuela are Evaluating to Ditch American Dollars and Adopt the Petro and the Ruble Instead



John McAfee Emerges, Reportedly Says Americans Are ‘Hated Universally’



Bitcoin (BTC) Could Sell-Off Further, Plunge Under $7,000: Analyst



Bitcoin Payments Are Being Bulldozed for Political Reasons



Tools Used by Hackers to Steal Cryptocurrency: How to Protect Wallets



Bitcoin’s $2,200 correct could prove to be a swing trade buy, claims old-school trader



OneCoin Denies Being a ‘Hybrid Ponzi-Pyramid Scheme’



60 Minutes Will Feature the Bitcoin (BTC) Pizza Guy This Week



About That Orange B… The History of Bitcoin’s Logos



Ava Labs Exits Stealth, Launches Blockchain Testnet Based on ‘Avalanche’ Protocol



Bitcoin Suffers Biggest Intraday Price Drop for Over a Year



Bitcoin Payments Are Being Bulldozed for Political Reasons



CoinDesk’s John Biggs Walks the Exhibit Halls of Consensus 2019



How to Prove Ownership With a Bitcoin Cash Address and Digital Signature


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