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Bitcoin News May 21, 2019

                           Bitcoin News May 21, 2019

Everyone’s Talking About Security Tokens But No One’s Trading Them



Developer Creates Interwallet Transfer Plugin to Strengthen Bitcoin Cash Privacy



Send Bitcoin and Litecoin transactions over WhatsApp



US Tax Authority Prioritizes Issuing Guidance on Cryptocurrencies



Low Turnout Hinders MakerDAO Vote to Decrease Stablecoin Stability Fee by 2%



Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Eyes Blockchain-Based Products, Needs Regulatory Clarity



Analysts Expect Bitcoin to Drop Towards $7,300 After Failing to Stabilize Above $8,000



Liquidators Take Charge of Cryptopia: Here Are Cryptopia’s Big Mistakes



UK Watchdog Reports $34 Million Lost in Crypto and Forex Scams Last Year



Leading ETF Authority Claims SEC Still Gathering Information on Bitcoin (BTC)



Crypto Insiders Call #1 Reason for May Surge, Predict Bitcoin (BTC) Price by June



IRS Says It Will ‘Soon’ Issue Crypto Tax Guidance in First Since 2014



First Since 2017: Bitcoin Price Logs Double-Digit Gains for Third Week


SEC Delays Decision on VanEck/SolidX Filing in Latest Bitcoin ETF Setback



Coinbase’s Education Rewards Program ‘Earn’ Expands to Over 100 Countries



Stellar’s Blockchain Briefly Goes Offline, Confirming the Project Lacks Decentralization


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