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Bitcoin News June 16, 2019

                                   Bitcoin News June 16, 2019

Piixpay Lets You Pay Bills and Invoices With Cryptocurrency

Judge Orders Craig Wright to Physically Appear in Florida Lawsuit

Markets Update: Crypto Prices Surge After Last Week’s Pullback

Reject Facebook And Libra: An Open Letter to Our Non-Crypto Friends

Concerns Over Facebook Data Use Derailed at Least 3 Crypto Partnerships

Report: Uber, PayPal, Visa to Back Facebook’s GlobalCoin Cryptocurrency

It’s FATF’s Way or the Highway for Crypto Exchanges. That’s a Big Mistake

Fundstrat Bullish on Bitcoin, But Expects BTC Resistance at $9,000

Ethereum price analysis 15 June 2019; ETH price takes a pounding

Ethereum 2.0 migration is similar to a hard fork says, Blockstream’s Samson Mow

Ethereum 2.0 launch is almost 6 months away now; mark the date

Judge Orders Craig Wright to Physically Appear in Florida Lawsuit

Bitcoin the top investment for Grayscale in the first quarter

Uber, PayPal and Spotify Are All Backing Facebook’s Cryptocurrency

Why FinCEN Has The Guns Out For P2P Crypto Exchangers

Digital tokens resurrect with value addition after crypto winter

Bitcoin Surpasses 1 Million Daily Active Addresses

Crypterium Introduces Global Crypto Payments Card


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