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Bitcoin News June 3, 2019

                          Bitcoin News June 3, 2019

Venezuelan Mining Parts Supplier Coincoin Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash

Localbitcoins Removes In-Person Cash Trades Forcing Traders to Look Elsewhere

Cryptopia Suits Gather Steam as Another Failed Exchange Is Bound for Court

Bitcoin [BTC] transaction fee rates will never be as high as that of 2017, claims Bitrefill CEO

If Bitcoin is to Correct, BTC Breaching $9,700 Still Possible

Get Bitcoin on your smartwatch with this Lightning Network app

Crypto – Not Fintech – Is Innovating the Banking System

MSRise Announces a New Generation of Energy Efficient Crypto Miners

Why Bitcoin’s ‘Culture War’ Matters

Maxwell, Wuille Co-Author Proposal for a Big Boost to Bitcoin’s Bandwidth

Can Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Power Payments in a Japanese Bar?

Facebook Holds Talks With CFTC Over GlobalCoin Cryptocurrency: Report

Tezos’ co-founder Arthur Breitman says side-chains are tricky and difficult

Bitcoin ‘Crypto-Casino’ is a Terrorist Playground: Ex-SEC Crime Czar

Federal Preemption or States’ Rights? Crypto Advocates Clash Over Regulatory Approaches

Ethereum Classic Atlantis Hard Fork Explained By ETC Labs Tech Coordinator

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction 2019/2020/2025: The Future is Already Here

Bitcoin (BTC) Fractal Suggests $20,000 Is Around The Corner, But Don’t Count On It


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