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Bitcoin News August 13, 2019

                              Bitcoin News August 13, 2019

15,000 #BTC (170,594,273 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to unknown wallet
22,923 #BTC (260,388,118 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to unknown wallet

I want everyone to learn about Bitcoin.
Because of that, I’m giving away 10 free subscriptions to the newsletter I write to institutional investors about the industry every morning.
Retweet this tweet and I’ll select 10 people. Knowledge is power!

While I don't mind flipping alts, I do prefer to utilize margin in this current market until altcoins show to outperform Bitcoin
Though there will always be altcoin outliers(LINK, etc)
Lastly, buying/holding BTC may be your best option if not confident in trading margin or alts

You will always find people trying to talk shit about you when they have the chance.
These plebs will ignore all the good to focus on the bad!
At the end of the day, these losers are still talking and by that fact, they are making you money

Most of you have so much anxiety because you check your phones every second you get. No wonder you can’t remain calm when trading!
Checking your phone is truly the new smoking.
Do yourself a favor and get off your phone. There is a whole world out there you’re missing out on!

United Kingdom's regulator financial regulators have issued a warning stating that XRP has non-security attributes.

Crypto Derivatives Exchange Blade Secures $4.3 Million

Analyst says bitcoin needs one crucial fundamental factor to act before a big surge

XRP Price Crashes by 40% on Beaxy Exchange After Coordinated Sell-Off

PlexCorps Reaches Settlement With SEC Following Extended Legal Woes

Inside the Story: The Attempted Binance Extortion Explained

Trump’s Currency War With China Could Be Bitcoin’s Do-or-Die Moment

IRS Warnings to Bitcoin Traders Offer Clues to Coming Tax Guidance

The Faults In Current Day Crowdfunding

The Great Hack

Crypto Exchange Kryptomat Launches Gaming Token Rewards Program


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