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Bitcoin News September 10, 2019

                             Bitcoin News September 10, 2019

2,499,999 #USDT (2,481,065 USD) transferred from #Binance to unknown wallet
1,902 #BTC (19,498,914 USD) transferred from #Bitfinex to unknown wallet

Bitcoin was built during the last financial crisis.
It has had a decade to grow stronger.
Now it is the most secure computing network in the world.

In between major support areas
Would love to see price between 0.012 to 0.013
But want to wait for a confirmation

Sat the cunt down like an intervention and asked if he was doing ok.
How judgemental of me and here look here  what a hypocrite I am.
I’m going to text him now and apologize.

Backed Fintech startup #Tala raises $110M to Expand Into

Anyone taking this Tweet serious is a fucking moron!
It’s so easy to get a rise out of Crypto Twitter.
PS: I own a bag of $XRP myself.

Since I live by myself, I notice how much food I consume.
WTF I eat like a darn truck

Bitcoin Deposited in Bakkt Warehouse Protected by $125M Insurance

Tether Launches Chinese Yuan-Pegged Stablecoin on the Ethereum Blockchain

Roger Ver Shares His Story in New Video Series

Decentralized Brave Browser Tops Chrome in Google Play Rankings in Japan

IBM Now Holds 6 of 11 Seats on Hyperledger Blockchain Steering Board

Stellar to Airdrop 2 Billion XLM Crypto Tokens Worth $120 Million

Bitcoin Price Faces Drop to Support Levels Below $10K

LG May Launch Its Own Blockchain Phone: Report

Next Bitcoin Bull Market Could Take Years, So How Long To Next Peak?

Bitcoin investor escapes armed attack to drain crypto wallets


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