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Bitcoin News September 3,2019

                                         Bitcoin News September 3,2019

64,800,000 #INB (22,083,529 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to unknown wallet
57,600,000 #INB (19,629,804 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to unknown wallet

I’m interviewing the one and only @pultetomorrow morning for 2+ hours.
The man is giving away millions of dollars on Twitter to change people’s lives.
What questions do you have for him?

Currently holding above the previous low on the daily close but if price breaks down it's going to $8,7ks
After that, it heads towards $8k but everyone is watching it so either it bounces before or goes through
Needs to break back above $10,100 to get bullish

Because tonight, I’m gonna smoke a bowl and cook a steak.
I can’t forgive myself but I know god will
Religion is starting to make sense now

Stores Started Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments at Its 49 Retail Stores

The yield curve has been manipulated and tampered with through quantitative easing in the last 10 years.
I’m not saying that we won’t go into a recession, but don’t fool yourself thinking that the yield can still be trusted.
Other indicators are superior at this point in time.

Took a semester off from Uni: moving out for a trading related job.
I'll have a lot of free time at my desk while sitting out of trades and monitoring. Do intend take advantage of it: will investigate new tools / back test set-ups / work on projects.
Time is an opportunity.

Telegram testing an Ethereum-compatible blockchain

Police Seize $15K Crypto Thief After He Mistakenly Disclosed Identity

Indian IT Giant Tech Mahindra to Launch Blockchain Finance Management

Craig Wright to Challenge Judge’s Ruling in the Billion-Dollar Lawsuit

Bitcoin Mining Farms Are Flourishing on the Ruins of Soviet Industry in Siberia

The Crypto Custody Conundrum: What Are We Even Talking About?

A Crypto Fix for a Broken International Monetary System

Most Cryptocurrencies in the Green as Bitcoin Price Hits $10,400

Binance Acquires Seychelles-Based Crypto-Asset Trading Platform JEX

Eurozone Institutional Investors Favor Bond Yields Over Bitcoin As Safe Haven


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