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Bitcoin News September 4, 2019

                             Bitcoin News September 4, 2019

500 #BTC (5,259,748 USD) transferred from #Coinbase to unknown wallet
19,441,269 #XRP (5,094,902 USD) transferred from Ripple OTC Distribution wallet to unknown wallet

Bitcoin was built during the last financial crisis.
It has had a decade to grow stronger.
Now it is the most secure computing network in the world.

I've been taking a break from online primarily due to family health concerns and personal responsibilities recently
Will work to try to incorporate more analysis and tweets as time goes
Hope everyone is well

Gotta say, I’m disappointed in so many people these past few weeks.
Just because the markets been flat doesn’t mean you need to lose your mind and your sense of humour.
Major wake up call here. Don’t let bad investments impact your inner happiness

Approves Securitize, the Blockchain Start Up to Record Stock Transfers

In 2030, no one will give a fuck if you bought Bitcoin at $11k, $9k or $3k.
You will look like a genius no matter what!
Play the long game. It’s about the next 10 years, not the next 10 months.

Funny, prior to that I had withdrawn after 10xing my leftover dust. Twice in a row.
It's as if the fact I'm playing / gambling with money I'm assuming will be lost takes away all my fears / inhibitions and ultimately leads to good decisions.
Hawaii trip paid in full

World’s Biggest Bitcoin Cash Conference Kicks Off in Australia – What to Expect

Elliptic Raises $23M For Asian Expansion

Crypto Sleuthing Firm Elliptic Raises $23 Million in Fundraise Led by SBI

Crypto Firms Serving Netherlands Must Register With Dutch Central Bank

Human-Trafficking Expert Urges US Congress to Regulate Crypto Miners

Bitcoin’s Total Share of Crypto Market Now Highest Since March 2017

Ethereum Co-Founder Anthony Di Iorio Steps Down as Decentral CEO

World’s Biggest Bitcoin Cash Conference Kicks Off in Australia - What to Expect

Arthur Hayes Starts September With $20K Bitcoin (BTC) Call

Elliptic Raises $23M For Asian Expansion


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