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Bitcoin News September 9, 2019

                                         Bitcoin News September 9, 2019

7,000,000 #BAT (1,235,405 USD) transferred from BAT UGP Reserve to unknown wallet
2,499,999 #USDT (2,483,037 USD) transferred from #Binance to unknown wallet

I’m interviewing the one and only @pulte tomorrow morning for 2+ hours.
The man is giving away millions of dollars on Twitter to change people’s lives.
What questions do you have for him?

Why do altcoins continue to go down in value, epsecially vs BTC?
You think big players are going to put millions and billions into buying 2017/18 ICO alts?
Majority will become obsolete as the new tech assets coms to the market

This bold step is indeed need of hour.!
He is acting like a leader.!
In full support .! Of what man is saying.!

Libra Gets the First Real Competitor

Just cause you lost money in crypto doesnt mean you need to make that money back by trading crypto.
Most people will never be good at trading & there's nothing wrong with that.
Dont trade yourself into a hole. You have other skills & other ways to make money. Never forget that.

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