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Bitcoin News October 26, 2019

                                              Bitcoin News October 26, 2019

1,143 #BTC (10,928,453 USD) transferred from #Xapo to unknown wallet
584 #BTC (5,725,783 USD) transferred from #Binance to unknown wallet

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"Should I sell Bitcoin and buy back lower?" - people ask this question a lot
Here's one way you can answer for yourself and then make that decision based on your own convictions/analysis
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Got a message from a friend that trades with serious size (@Crypto_Bitlord)- He said @DueDEX_Official the next Bitmex.
I tend to believe him.
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More than 8000 Sign #Petition Against Drafted #CashRestrictions in #Australia

The yield curve has been manipulated and tampered with through quantitative easing in the last 10 years.
I’m not saying that we won’t go into a recession, but don’t fool yourself thinking that the yield can still be trusted.
Other indicators are superior at this point in time.

Lyn Ulbricht Speaks Out Against Unfair Silk Road Sentencing, Facebook and Government Hypocrisy

Market Update: Crypto Prices Spike Significantly In a Matter of Minutes

Bitcoin Price Skyrockets $500 in Minutes as Bakkt BTC Contracts Hit Highs

State Bank of India Chief Argues Crypto Regulation Is a Must

Tax Form to Report Revenues From Cryptocurrency Trading Issued in Poland

President Xi Says China Should ‘Seize Opportunity’ to Adopt Blockchain

Bitcoin Suddenly Jumps by $1,000 on Futures Expiry and President Xi’s Blockchain Endorsement

The Demand for Permissionless Freedom Is Just Getting Started

McKinsey: Majority of Banks May Not Be Economically Viable

Altcoins React on BTC’s Sudden Surge, Some Major Coins Post Double-Digit Gains

Ethereum Targets Dec. 4 for Istanbul Mainnet Activation

WATCH: Where Is the Crypto Market Headed Next Week?

President Xi Says China Should ‘Seize Opportunity’ to Adopt Blockchain

As Bitcoin spikes $2,500 in 1 day, analyst says the bear trend is technically over

30% And Counting: Bitcoin Exterminates Traditional Asset Classes

Crypto Entrepreneur Justin Sun Teases Tron (TRX) Partnership With ‘$100 Billion-Megacorporation’


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