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Bitcoin News November 2, 2019

                          Bitcoin News November 2, 2019

15,000,000 #USDC (14,984,805 USD) transferred from USDC Treasury to unknown wallet
5,000 #BTC (45,826,572 USD) transferred from #Xapo to unknown wallet

Google is buying Fitbit for billions.
Eventually they won’t buy a centralized company to get your data.
They’ll just buy the data right from you.

Take this time to think about your emails and passwords for the exchanges that you use
As much of a hassle that it is, you likely want to use one dedicated email to each exchange
This is a good weekend project that you can work on to protect your funds

If you understand the basics of OSINT you would know that Bitmex just doxxed every single one of those accounts leaked.
The only folks immune are those with stonger OPSEC and disciplined compartmentalization.
This is much more serious than most realize, lives are now at risk

Alternative Cere Raises $3.5 Million
Blockchain-based customer relations manager (CRM) Cere Network just closed a $3.5 million seed round.

Anyone taking this Tweet serious is a fucking moron!
It’s so easy to get a rise out of Crypto Twitter.
PS: I own a bag of $XRP myself.

How Many More Birthdays Until Bitcoin Wins?

Reggie Middleton Reaches $9.5 Million SEC Settlement Over ICO Fraud

Bitcoin Mining Power Sees Short-Term Drop as Rainy Season Ends in China

BitMEX Exchange Exposes User Base in Email Mishap

Crypto Burner Wallets Helped an IT Conference Give $40,000 to Charity

Trusted Friends Can Become Crypto Custodians With the Vault12 Platform

Staking Startup PureStake Announces Support for Polkadot’s Kusama

Ripple XRP price can go extremely bullish to $1; analyst claims

Bitcoin Price Builds Momentum Above $9,000, Prepares for 6% Jump

Why Bitcoin price is going down while XLM and Decred rise?


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