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Bitcoin News November 20, 2019

                                    Bitcoin News November 20, 2019

3,179 #BTC (25,645,325 USD) transferred from #Coinbase to unknown wallet
2,000 #BTC (16,398,144 USD) transferred from #Xapo to unknown wallet

If you're a Vader fan for crypto trading just a heads up he has a new account over at @ToolFree2point0
It's not fun to lose your account so I know I'd want others to share if I lost my account too
Cheers everyone,  hope you're having a nice weekend

Stores Started Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments at Its 49 Retail Stores

Did you know you can use BTC as a stablecoin?
If you're ever concerned about prices falling, you can move your holdings into synthetic USD on … by shorting BTC with 1x leverage.
When I travel or can't monitor prices, I do this with my ENTIRE account.

IRS Focusing on Potential Illicit Activities Facilitated by Bitcoin ATMs: Official

Security Token Platform iSTOX Lands Another Big Asian Backer

When Lambo? Crypto’s Favorite Automaker to Track Cars on Salesforce Blockchain

Introducing the New

Mega-Utility Token UPT Will Offer Interest and Discounts on Trading

The discontinued currency of the 'The Happiest Place On Earth'

Grayscale’s Bitcoin trust wants the SEC’s blessing

A security flaw in Monero puts users’ funds at risk


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