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Bitcoin News November 22, 2019

                                    Bitcoin News November 22, 2019

95,000 #NEO (1,035,830 USD) transferred from #Binance to unknown wallet
10,000,000 #USDC (9,978,370 USD) transferred from USDC Treasury to unknown wallet

Bitcoin’s monetary system is built on verifiable truth.
Fiat monetary systems are built on trust & power.
The adoption of Bitcoin is the ultimate “speaking truth to power.”

$BTC- After zooming out, we can see that the current support $7400s is in fact an area of interest (high volume node in the VPVR to the right)
And has acted as support/resistance for a while - since October 2017
And is showing to be more relevant of a level than $7700

Bitcoin is so overdue for a pump it hurts
If we don’t send it this week, I will be liquidated.
Do your part and market buy today

Crypto Projects Are Moving Out of Country ?

The greatest risk isn’t owning crypto and it going to zero.
The greatest risk is owning no crypto and it changing the world.
Don’t get left behind.

House of Commons email scam on the rise before 2020

Silvergate Bank CEO Bets on Higher Crypto Price Volatility After $40M IPO

Maker of Wasabi Bitcoin Wallet Valued at $7.5M in First Equity Round

Franklin Templeton Taps Wallet Service Provider to Support Tokenized Shares

Binance Enters Indian Market With Acquisition of Crypto Exchange WazirX

In Wargaming Exercise, a Digital Yuan Neuters US Sanctions and North Korea Buys Nukes

Ubisoft Joins Ultra as the EOS-Based Game Platform’s First Corporate Block Producer

Chainalysis sheds workforce to improve profit margins

Cryptocurrencies Vulnerable To More Downside; TRON Breaks Below Falling Price Channel

Bakkt Brings Bitcoin [BTC] Futures Contracts to Asia, Launch in December


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