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Bitcoin News November 7, 2019

                                 Bitcoin News November 7, 2019

6,779 #BTC (63,602,722 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to unknown wallet
1,001 #BTC (9,342,461 USD) transferred from #OKEx to unknown wallet

The European Union is now considering launching a digital Euro.
The Great Currency Race is upon us.
National currencies must digitize or die.

Yeah,  Deribit flash crash + Bitmex leak of their customers information
Make the switch for margin/ leverage trading - I say it weekly due to all the issues with other futures platforms
Use our link below and DM with any questions

Wow there’s over 30 DMs now
Pretty sure someone from there can help me out
No more DMs thank you

Monty Munford Reveals How He Lost £25,000 in Cryptocurrency

2020 is in 5 months.
Don’t let anyone waste your time.
If you’re not rich yet, today is a great day to start buying crypto.

Hong Kong Now Offers Opt-In Regulation to Crypto Exchanges

Chinese Communist Party Reportedly Filling Roles at Top Exchange Huobi

Coinbase adds Tezos staking feature, leads XTZ to surge 11%

‘Bullish for Bitcoin’ — China Scraps Plans to Ban Cryptocurrency Mining

Video: Bitcoin Cash Lets You Buy Equity Over the Counter at a Bar

Seals Partnership With as an Official SLP Partner

Kim Dotcom Token Sale Postponed Over ‘Regulatory Uncertainty’

Hong Kong Regulator to Treat Crypto Traders Like Brokers Under New Rules

Conceal and Reveal: The Evolution of Privacy Coin Technology

China Removes Bitcoin Mining From Unwanted Industries List

Square’s Cash App Now Charging Fees for Bitcoin Purchases

Micree Zhan Says He’ll Take Legal Action to Return to Bitmain

US Prosecutors Charge Founder of ‘IGOBIT’ Token With Fraud

XRP Pushes Past $0.30 as Analysts Eye Potential Bullish Breakout

Leading Japanese Firms Partner on Security Token Research

Be careful what you wish for: the first Cardano copycat emerges


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