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Bitcoin News November 9, 2019

                                    Bitcoin News November 9, 2019

572 #BTC (5,038,363 USD) transferred from #Huobi to unknown wallet
7,095 #MKR (4,495,656 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to unknown wallet

Met with a very well known investor from China today.
The amount of innovation around Bitcoin and blockchain in that country is incredible.
Westerners are very uninformed about what is actually happening on the ground in China.

Nice push, battling the weekly open resistance at the moment
Closing above this area would be great - considering the open and interest and funding rate were positive, usually a sign before of a drop
Focus is $9547+ for a daily close

Whales are actively accumulating #altcoins
When the bags are loaded. They will send it.
This is a fact

added a whole arsenal of new decentralized apps (#dApps) to its Blockchain #Keystore online market, launched with four apps in March, and now contains 17 different #decentralized applications.

I still feel very strongly that $3k was the bottom.
I don't have any stops for my entry whatsoever. (Don't try this at home)
There is no scenario where the reward is worth the risk of losing a low $4k avg entry. If $3k would ever break, I will just add more to my position.

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MoneyGram CEO on Ripple: 10% of Mexico-US Transactions Leverage XRP


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