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Bitcoin News December 26, 2019

                                  Bitcoin News December 26, 2019

200,000 #NEO (1,701,280 USD) transferred from Dev Account Unlocked to unknown wallet
1,015 #BTC (7,350,348 USD) transferred from #Coinbase to unknown wallet

Travis Kalanick has sold all his shares in Uber and is leaving the board of directors.
It appears he doesn’t want to come back to Uber. Instead, he wants to beat them with his new company.
Directly competing with Travis in a game he created has to scare anyone running Uber.

People flip from $3k targets to $10k targets in less than 48 hrs
Keep it simple
Trade it level by level, as everything else is just short-term speculation

I’m in between travel for the next 36hrs and then Christmas with family.
I’m behind on all contacts, emails, DMs and business.
Doing my best to keep up with the flow

For the holidays, buy yourself a bag of $BTC and don’t sell it for the next 10 years.
Pretend that you lost the keys and don’t touch it until 2030.
Chances are in 2030 you’re gonna be able to buy a car (or a house) with that bag. And you won’t even have to convert it to fiat!

Hedera Hashgraph Asks Investors to Wait Longer for Tokens After Price Crash

Paraguay Audits Local Crypto Industry to Prepare for FATF-Style Regulations

Bomb Threats Demanding Bitcoin Force Evacuations Across Russia

Chinese Internet Giant Tencent to Launch Digital Currency Research Team

Binance.US Launches Beta Testing for Its Android App

XRP “Floating in Outer Space,” Price in Serious Downtrend: Analyst

Setting up the take profit and stop loss for your trades

Amir Taaki’s Ongoing Crypto Revolution

Bitcoin’s 330% Rally in 2019 Was BTC’s Shortest Uptrend Ever; Is There Hope For Bulls?


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