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Bitcoin News August 10, 2018

                          Bitcoin News August 10, 2018

Bitcoin's Open Secret: Lightning Is Making Better Online Payments Possible

Google Search Can Predict Bitcoin Price Increases, Study Finds

94 Companies Join IBM and Maersk's Blockchain Supply Chain

Maersk, IBM Launch Blockchain Shipping Supply Chain Platform

Binance Offers First Look At Planned Decentralized Crypto Exchange

Ethereum Classic Is Down 30% Since Its Listing on Coinbase

Attacker Installs Crypto Mining Malware on Over 170,000 Devices

Hackers have attacked the servers of the PGA with ransomware, demanding that the golf association pay Bitcoin to release encrypted files.

Spain’s Central Bank: Cryptocurrency Could Improve Monetary Policy

Bulls Get Relief as Bitcoin Price Beats $6.5K Resistance

New Platform Allows Converting Rewards From Loyalty Programs Into Cryptocurrencies

Whales or no whales, #Bitcoin is going to $1,000,000.

There Are 10 Bitcoin ETF Proposals Pending, But Only 1 Matters

DISH adds Bitcoin Cash as Option for Customers; Migrates to BitPay for Cryptocurrency Payment Processing

US Software Giant Intuit Awarded Patent for Processing Bitcoin Payments via SMS


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