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Bitcoin News August 11, 2018

                        Bitcoin News August 11, 2018

BTC dominates with more than 50% share, despite the bearish market 

50% dominance - the people’s champion once again!!

Bitcoin Dominance Rate Hits 50% For First Time in 2018

New Survey Finds 50% of Americans ‘Willing to Try Out’ Bitcoin

Iran Steps Up Plan for National Crypto After US Sanctions

Crypto Unicorn Bitmain Weighs $18 Billion IPO, One of World's Largest

Cryptocurrencies are designed to be used as a payment method first and foremost.

Facebook's Marcus Steps Down From Coinbase Board

Report: Facebook Denies Partnership With Stellar

FinCEN Says It Now Receives 1,500 Crypto Complaints a Month

Coin Center Updates Its Securities Framework for Cryptocurrencies

Early Crypto Adopter Dish Network Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash

Coin Center Updates Its Securities Framework for Cryptocurrencies

Cybercrime Center in UK Urges Crypto Enthusiasts to Beware of Fraud

Despite Spending $160 Million a Year, IBM Blockchain is Still Lacking Adoption

Ink Protocol: A Decentralized Transaction System For Any Marketplace

4 in 10 Americans Will Never Invest in Bitcoin, Says Latest Crypto Study

Researchers Identify 15,000-Strong Botnet Scamming Crypto Twitter


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