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Bitcoin News August 12, 2018

                        Bitcoin News August 12, 2018 


At Bitcoin Cash Birthday Bash, Crypto Embraces the Strange

Volumes Surge on Turkey's Crypto Exchanges as Lira Tanks

FinCEN Says It Now Receives 1,500 Crypto Complaints a Month

Coin Center Updates Its Securities Framework for Cryptocurrencies

Public Firm Becomes First to Launch an ICO in Singapore

Blockchain Encyclopedia Launches as Developers Iron Out Token ‘Challenges’

Investors Turn To Bitcoin In Turkey As Lira Value Slips

Bitcoin Cash ‘Chain-Splitting’ Bug was Detected by Bitcoin Core Dev.

Thai Actor ‘Boom’ Released on Bail in US$24 Million Bitcoin Fraud

UK: $2.5 Million Losses in Crypto-Related Scams Reported This Summer

Study: Crypto Funds Number 466 Despite Trends, Uncertainty

Crypto Trading 101: How to Read an Exchange Order Book

Crypto Investors Dream of Trillion-Dollar Market Cap Amidst Bitcoin ETF

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) to Launch First-ever Blockchain Bond

The Turkish Lira value took a huge hit today, bringing the currency down 13% for the day and more than 45% for the year.


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